Over 750,000 Made-In-Canada Reusable Masks Sold. TakeCare is employing nearly 200 local factory workers.

Overhead Pink Mask
Overhead Pink Mask
Overhead Pink Mask
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Overhead Pink Mask

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The Precision Mask is designed to have a tighter fit on the face, it covers your nose and chin snugly without cutting into the skin. The Precision Mask is flexible and comfortable. The 100% cotton fabric is soft, durable and easy to breathe through.

All TakeCare Masks are designed to accommodate an extra layer of fabric that we call ‘the filter' should users want to add a fourth layer of protection. 

The Precision mask comes in one-size: Adult


      • Inclusive design to wear elastic over-the-head.
        • Over-the-head elastic works for anyone wearing a head scarf, turban, or head dress.
        • It relieves pressure on the ears.
        • This design is best for anyone wearing a hearing aide.
      • You can tie the elastic for a tighter fit.
      • TakeCare brand identifier to help users know which way is up.
      • Carefully researched, evidence-based, and thoughtfully designed.
      • Locally manufactured by Canadian factories that knit, dye, finish, cut and sew, package, and deliver masks.
      • Made in Toronto, Canada.


        • 3 layers made with 100% Cotton
          • Outer layer is cotton pique
          • Middle layer is cotton woven at 180 range thread count (any denser and you can't breathe through it!)
          • Inner layer is cotton jersey

          Dimensions for Adult Size:

            • Width: 10 inches/25.4 cm
            • Height: 7 inches /17.75 cm


            • Please wash your mask after every use.
            • Masks can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent.
            • Tumble dry in medium heat or air dry.
            • Do not dry clean.